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(Photos) Dior 2023 Spring Campaign

Robert is the face of Dior’s 2023 Spring campaign and the first photos have been unveiled! We’re still looking for more photos but in the meantime we’ve added some ads from the campaign to our gallery!


(Photos) Carpenters Workshop Gallery Inaugural Exhibition

Robert attended the Carpenters Workshop Gallery Inaugural Exhibition in West Hollywood last Thursday (June 13), and our gallery has been updated with photos from the event!


Happy Birthday, Robert Pattinson!

Here at The Pattinson Vault we’d love to wish Robert Pattinson, who turns 36 years old today, a happy birthday! We’re incredibly proud of all the success he’s had this year (raise your hand if you’re a Battinson fan) and are looking forward to seeing what next project he brings us. To celebrate Robert’s birthday, we’ve updated our gallery with additional photos from a photoshoot he did in 2017.

Happy birthday, Robert!


(Photos) GQ x Dior Dinner

GQ and Dior threw an intimate dinner party to celebrate GQ March issue cover star Robert Pattinson on Thursday, March 17. Robert was, of course, in attendance as many other familiar faces like Quavo, Angus Cloud, Phoebe Bridges, Taylour Paige, and his former roommate, Andrew Garfield! Our gallery has been updated with a few photos from the dinner.


“The Batman” Beijing Premiere

The cast of “The Batman” (minus Zoë Kravitz and Jeffrey Wright) attended a virtual interview during the Beijing premiere of the movie this Wednesday, March 16. Our gallery’s been updated with a few photos from the virtual interview, which you can also watch below!


(Video) Robert Pattinson & Zoë Kravitz Put Their Friendship To The Test

Another day, another Robert and Zoë Kravitz video where they put their friendship to the test (which may actually be our favorite videos from this press tour). Sitting down with LADbible TV, the duo took turns in asking each other’s a few personal questions. Robert reveals the real (and rude) reason he got expelled from school, and we found out the depth of Zoë’s lack of Harry Potter knowledge. You can watch the video below!

(Photos) Robert & Zoë Kravitz for Wonderland

Robert and his “The Batman” co-star Zoë Kravitz are on the cover of the Spring issue of Wonderland, and oh my god – Just how well do they look?! We’re crossing our fingers that more outtakes from this beautiful photoshoot will be released soon, in the meantime, you can find some in our gallery and read a sneak peek from the interview below.


” I was in competitive actor mode! I was like, ‘I wonder who else was out for that part?’ I knew a few people who had gone out and tested for it too so I was comparing them to you – as you do [laughs]. And then I felt really comforted by that too because I think you have really, really good taste and I knew The Batman was going to be different from the [superhero] films I’d seen before, and protected from being too… I don’t know, cheesy, you know what I mean? Superhero films can go so horribly wrong in general. But I think [the roles] are what both of us are looking for in terms of art and the artists that we want to be. I think you’ve done a really incredible job at navigating your career and working with up-and-coming directors, writers, and searching for things that interest you – and taking really big risks as you go. You make really bold choices as an actor. I’m honestly blown away by you when I watch your work. I’m like,‘ Oh, my God, Rob’s like a really good actor.’”

Not everyone is willing to scale the roof of The Hollywood Roosevelt hotel or, slathered in lube, slip into a latex bodysuit for the sake of fashion. Luckily for renowned photographer Ellen Von Unwerth, Zoë Kravitz’s and Robert Pattinson’s desire to embrace the stranger things in life is what makes them so hypnotically electrifying. And, in all fairness, donning an unconventional ‘suit’ is something the two actors have become quite accustomed to lately…

Entering Gotham City as the new Catwoman/Selina Kyle and Batman – two of the most iconic fictional characters of all time – Kravitz and Pattinson take on their biggest roles to date in director Matt Reeves’ unique vision of the Gotham underbelly. It’s certainly hard to deny, as Kravitz goes on to mention, that superhero movies often go amiss. And that is probably why, with Batman’s various re-inventions over the decades, extended iterations of the vigilante franchise have often been met with skepticism. But if Kravitz’s and Pattinson’s unconventional oeuvre has anything to say about their taste for picking complex, unexpected roles that captivate, Reeves’ own interpretation of the DC comic book story is set for triumph. Covering our Spring 2022 issue, the two actors talk their first impressions of each other on set, what they look for in new roles, and how they feel about becoming the next Batman and Catwoman.

(Video) Robert Pattinson And Zoë Kravitz Take The Co-Star Test

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the stars of Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” being cheeky icons for six minutes straight. To celebrate the premiere of their film, Robert Pattison and Zoë Kravitz — aka the Bat and the Cat — take a co-star test to see how much they learned about each other while on set. So, please enjoy this video of Rob revealing that one of his favorite movies was actually the same film that Zoë had her first role; Zoë’s appreciation for Rob’s singing voice; and Rob sneaking into Zoë’s trailer to use her toilet.

(Photos) Can Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves’ rebooted “The Batman” save the box office?

Robert Pattinson and “The Batman” director Matt Reeves spoke recently with Los Angeles Times about the casting backlash, the new take on an old character, and creating a Gotham for our times. YYou can find the photoshoot in our gallery, and read the full article below!


When director Matt Reeves announced he had tapped Robert Pattinson to play Batman in his much-anticipated franchise reboot in 2019, fans from every corner of the internet immediately began sharpening their knives.

Never mind that Pattinson had spent years taking a sledgehammer to his tween-heartthrob image in a series of unglamorous arthouse roles, from a small-time bank robber in the grungy “Good Time” to a lonely 19th century lighthouse keeper in the hallucinatory “The Lighthouse.” For many, the idea of the onetime “Twilight” vampire tackling one of the superhero canon’s most iconic characters in “The Batman,” which opens Friday, seemed like a potential bat-astrophe in the making.

Pattinson took the initial backlash in stride. “I was actually mocked less than I usually am,” the actor, seated alongside Reeves, said over Zoom on a recent afternoon. He laughed. “I was quite shocked. ‘Only 70% negative? A-plus!’ ”

Nor was Reeves, who had stepped into the project after its initial star and director Ben Affleck dropped out, particularly concerned. “When you go into a Batman movie, you just have to kind of harden yourself in the beginning,” said Reeves, who had earned the job largely on the strength of his two critically and commercially successful installments in the “Planet of the Apes” series. “It’s an 80-year-old character. Every time you step into it, you’re stepping into something where everybody already has a preconception.”

Pattinson’s casting is far from the only aspect of “The Batman” likely to shake up preconceived notions. Clocking in at three hours, with a dense narrative and a style that veers from gritty noir to angsty psychodrama to serial-killer horror, Reeves’ movie returns Batman to his roots as “the world’s greatest detective.” Dispensing with the overly familiar origin story, the film tracks Batman’s pursuit, aided by Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), of the elusive Riddler (Paul Dano), who is sprinkling clues about a sprawling conspiracy of corruption — along with dead bodies — throughout the troubled city of Gotham.
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(Video) “The Batman” Fan Theories with Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano & Jeffrey Wright

Rob Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano and Jeffrey Wright take turns reading, confirming and denying “The Batman” fan theories from Reddit. Is the film set in a multiverse where Rob is playing Thomas Wayne, not Bruce Wayne? Are the Riddler and Bruce Wayne related? How often does Rob lurk on fan theory forums on Reddit? Are Selina’s “nine lives” a direct reference to her various disguises?

“The Batman” World Premiere

Last night the World Premiere of “The Batman” took place in New York, marking it the cast’s very first public appearance together (Colin had been absent from the past cast events, unfortunately). Robert looked absolutely dashing in black, and we bring you photos from the big event! You’ll be able to find them in our gallery and, watch some interviews Robert gave while walking the red carpet below (spoiler alert: he compares “Twilight” and “The Batman” fans on the first one).


(Video) Robert visits Despierta América

Robert stopped by Despierta América’s studio this morning to, once again, talk about “The Batman”! Just like our previous post on El Hormiguero, this interview is dubbed in Spanish. A huge thank you to Korita05x for uploading the interview!

(Video) Robert on The Project

Robert was last night on Australian talk show The Project to talk about his upcoming film “The Batman”, and why he was born to play Gotham’s hero. You can watch the interview below.

(Photos) “The Batman” Miami Fan Screening

Robert surprised fans last night as he attended a fan screening for “The Batman” in Miami, followed by a Q&A. Our gallery has been updated with photos from the event, as you can check out in the link below.


(Video) Good Morning America

Robert and Zoë Kravitz were yesterday on Good Morning America to talk about “The Batman”, a segment you can watch below (plus find screen captures in our gallery)!

Robert & Zoë on El Hormiguero

Robert and Zoë Kravitz were on El Hormiguero last night to promote “The Batman”, during which Robert spoke about getting used to Batman’s cowl, the lies he tells on interviews, and “Twilight”. We bring to you not only photos but the video from the interview, which is in Spanish, however, we can hear Robert speaking in English in the background.


(Photos) “The Batman” Special Screening

Robert Pattinson attended just a few hours ago “The Batman” special screening in London, United Kingdom! Giving us what we would call his best Bruce Wayne persona (down to the wardrobe pick), he was accompanied by his co-stars and director Matt Reeves. Our gallery’s been updated with photos from the event, and you can view an interview Robert gave while walking the red carpet below.


(Video) Robert & Zoë visit C à Vous

To wrap up their stay in Paris, Robert and Zoë Kravitz stopped by the French talk show C à Vous to speak about “The Batman”. We’ll be uploading screen captures from the appearance soon, but until then, you can watch the episode below (our fantastic duo shows up @ 9:00).

(Photos) “The Batman” Press in Paris

Robert, Zoë Kravitz, and director Matt Reeves were the past two days in Paris promoting “The Batman”, which you must have seen from all the content shared on social media. We bring you photos from both the Paris Special Screening and a Photocall the trio attended, unfortunately not that many photos but still a few!


(Video) Masterpost: “The Batman” Press Interviews

We’ve decided on creating this post dedicated to all video interviews Robert is giving while promoting The Batman, to be released in theaters on March 4. All the released videos can be found below and under the cut (plus in our video archive). Be sure to follow @pattinsonvault, as we’ll keep you updated on new videos!

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“The Batman” Robert Pattinson reveals the unusual comics that inspired his Dark Knight

During his conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Robert opened up about the comics he read in order to understand better Bruce Wayne. You can read the article below (and while we are unable to embed the interview, you can also watch the video on the publication’s website).

To craft a new Batman, Robert Pattinson consumed as many comics as possible and found inspiration in some unlikely places.

Typically when there’s a new Batman movie, those involved cite usual suspects like Batman: Year One and Batman: The Long Halloween as inspiration. And sure, some of those comics influenced Matt Reeve’s The Batman, which reboots the franchise without rehashing the titular hero’s origin story. But Pattinson also consulted less obvious fare to find his way into the character, who’s in just his second year as a vigilante in the film. Since The Batman doesn’t depict Bruce suiting up for the first time, Pattinson’s research helped him understand the billionaire’s motivations for donning the cape and cowl.

“In the Christopher Nolan movies, it was kind of addressed in a pragmatic way and kind of explained pretty well,” says Pattinson in the video above. “I was trying to find a different angle on it.”

That’s where Batman: Shaman (by Dennis O’Neil, John Beatty, and Edward Hannigan) and, to a lesser extent, the story “The Man Who Fell” (O’Neil and Dick Giordano) came in. Like The Batman, the former is set during an early part of the Caped Crusader’s career, but it’s less grounded than the movie and dives into mysticism. In the story, released in 1989, a shaman rescues a pre-Batman Bruce after he’s injured in the Alaskan mountains and nurses him back to health with a story about how bats gained the ability to fly. This myth, along with the sight of a bat crashing through a Wayne Manor window, inspires him to become Batman years later.

“It’s almost a dream state the whole time,” Pattinson says of the comic, which struck him as both odd and interesting. “I was like, ‘Oh, that hasn’t really been touched on.’ There’s a kind of mysticism to it.”
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“The Batman” Robert Pattinson reveals the unusual comics that inspired his Dark Knight
Why Robert Pattinson Felt Nauseous After Landing Batman Role

A new article was recently released by ExtraTV, in which Robert spoke about his feelings after landing the lead role in “The Batman”, which you can read below!

“The Batman” stars Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz are opening up to “Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay about their roles in the highly anticipated DC movie.

Robert plays the caped crusader, while Zoë is the latest actress to portray Catwoman. The stars talk about landing the roles, who they told first, and where we find their characters. Pattinson even teases a big difference between his version of Bruce Wayne and those fans have seen in the past.

Rachel asked, “I am wondering, these are such iconic roles, was there any hesitation or any moment where you reflected and you thought, ‘Can I do this?’”

Zoë said, “Definitely, definitely. I never hesitated in terms of, you know, whether I was going to take the job or not. But there is definitely like this range of emotion, it starts with really excited, and then you realize that you now have to do it, and then everyone’s going to see it. And that gets really, really scary.”

Robert added, “It’s the one time in my life… we’re really glad that the work schedule was so relentless… It was 155 days or something. We work kind of 14 hours, and we work out either end of the day. And like, I mean, by the time you go, there’s no looking at comments.”

Sharing who they first told they had landed the roles. Zoë revealed, “Call my parents.”

Rob shared,, “I genuinely didn’t tell anyone because also it got leaked, before I actually got cast, and I genuinely wasn’t cast. And my entire world texted me like, ‘Are you playing Batman?’… I went to do another movie [and] in every single interview it was, ‘Are you playing Batman?’… I genuinely thought if I say anything…. I was going to lose the job… I didn’t text a single person back… I felt, like, nauseous.”
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Why Robert Pattinson Felt Nauseous After Landing Batman Role
BlackFilmandTV – “The Batman”
BlackTree TV – “The Batman”
BackstageOL – “The Batman”
Tara Hitchcock – “The Batman”
FOX 5 – “The Batman”
Jake’s Takes – “The Batman”
(Video) Little Caesars’ “The Batman” Sneek Peek

Little Caesars’ Pizza has released an exclusive sneak peek for “The Batman”, featuring some new footage from the film along with commentaries from the cast. You can watch the video below and in our video archive!

Little Caesars’ “The Batman” Sneek Peek
(Video) Robert Pattinson Breaks Down the New Batsuit used in “The Batman”

Following up on the Entertainment Weekly cover shoot post, a new video has been released of Robert speaking about the batsuit he wore for “The Batman”! You can watch the video below and in our video archive!

Entertainment Weekly – “The Batman” #2
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Robert visited Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote “The Batman”! He spoke about the pressure of playing Batman and not wanting to be the worst one, feeling terrified before watching the movie for the first time, trying on every former Batman’s batsuit for his audition, Christian Bale’s sage advice, working with Zoë Kravitz, researching how bats fight, lying on talk shows and more! Plus, we got a new clip from “The Batman”. An absolutely fun interview, that you can watch below. I’ve also added to the gallery the first released photos from the appearance and screen captures!


Jimmy Kimmel Live
Robert & Zoë for Entertainment Weekly

Robert and Zoë are on the newest February digital issue of Entertainment Weekly to talk all things “The Batman”: from how the movie came to life, to their sweaty first day on set. Our gallery has been updated with not only outtakes from the gorgeous photo session, but also some exclusive new stills and behind the scenes released by the publication. Another note to add is the video, where we can watch Robert and Zoë discuss the movie but also take a behind-the-scenes peek at their cover shoot (and we have added screen captures from it to our gallery as well). You can read the full article below and in our press archive (along with a second article released) and watch the video below!


The costumes created another unglamorous obstacle because Pattinson was, understandably, burning up in the Batsuit. At one point, Batman pins Selina to the top of a table, and during each take, his sweat would trickle down his forehead, between his eyes, and out through the cowl’s nose tip as he hovered above his costar.

“There’s only one place where sweat can be released,” says Pattinson. “And it would drop directly between Zoë’s eyes or nose. I could almost see it quivering at the end of my nose like, ‘Don’t drop!’ It’s like Mission: Impossible.”

“I’d just be trying to do the scene, but also just looking at the one bead of sweat that I knew was about to fall,” says Kravitz.

Read full article

Just like Batman and Catwoman, Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz have a bit of a history: The stars of The Batman (in theaters March 4), have known each other for more than a decade. You can tell as they tease one another about their flirting skills (or lack thereof) at their EW cover shoot in downtown L.A. in late January, or by how nonchalantly Pattinson drapes a camel coat over Kravitz’s shivering shoulders after they wrap on a chilly rooftop as the sun sets. But their story as the Dark Knight and the most famous cat burglar of all time didn’t begin until their chemistry test on a Warner Bros. soundstage in Burbank in October 2019.

Both actors were feeling the pressure that day. “The chemistry read was really intense,” Kravitz, 33, tells EW. They had to perform one of several intimate exchanges Batman and Selina have in the film, the scene also serving as Kravitz’s audition because The Batman director Matt Reeves chose to meet with her before the Big Little Lies star even read a single line. “Rob was wearing the Batsuit, and it was a proper camera test with the DP there and everything on a soundstage. It wasn’t just reading lines in a room. So it was intimidating, to say the least,” she says. Her first task? The seemingly simple act of taking off a motorcycle helmet. “That totally spun me into a little bit of anxiety,” she recalls. “It’s wildly complicated to take off a helmet and look cool, not have it get stuck on your head, or your hair look funny. I was convinced that was going to be my downfall.”

Meanwhile, Pattinson was experiencing his own bout of anxiety, even though he was already cast. In keeping with Warner Bros. tradition, he had already completed a solo screen test in a classic Batsuit — Val Kilmer’s from Batman Forever, nipples and all — even if it was a tad tight. But he had also yet to utter a word as his character. “The first time I’d even said lines from the script was in Zoë’s screen test,” says the 35-year-old actor. “They had this idea that they wanted me to be taller at the beginning, so I basically had high-heeled sneakers on, and I’m tottering around in this strange Batman outfit. The camera’s not even on me, it’s on the back of my head, and I’m literally having this major panic attack, just looking for emotional support from Zoë, who’s trying to get the part.”

Whatever Scarecrow-toxin-level fears were coursing through the stars’ minds, they weren’t apparent to Reeves. “They really connected,” says Reeves, best known for directing Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and its sequel War for the Planet of the Apes. “Everyone could see there was something really special between them.” And thus, Reeves found his Bat and Cat, a crucial moment because their tortured love story, he says “is absolutely central” to the film.
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“The Batman” stars Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz recall their sweaty first day on set
Knight Moves: Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz take flight in “The Batman”
Entertainment Weekly – “The Batman”
“The Batman”: Robert Pattinson & Matt Reeves Reveal the Trouble of Emoting In Batman’s Cowl
Masterpost: “The Batman” Screening Press Coverage

With “The Batman” press tour going strong, Robert and the cast attended a special screening, followed by a Q&A, for the press last week. The articles on the special event were released today, and below you’ll find direct links to the full articles along with a few highlights! You can also view some of the photos from the event posted by Andrew J. Salazar, Dorian Parks, and Mark Hughes in our gallery.


On approaching the iconic bat-voice (via Forbes):

“It was a lot of trial and error,” replied Pattinson. “I mean, I had a lot of time to think about it. I think I was cast about seven or eight months before we started shooting and so I was experimenting with a lot of different things. And I think the first two or three weeks were kind of doing a variety of different voices, because there’s only a couple of lines in the first few scenes we shot… Me and Matt just sort of settled on something, it just kind of started to sit in a very particular place.”

Pattinson continued, “It felt like progression from other bat-voices, and felt kind of somewhat comfortable to do as well. It’s weird, it just suddenly starts to feel right. It seems to be the more you embody the suit, the more you embody the character, and it kind of started to come out organically. I think that’s kind of what I was trying to do with the character as well, I was [thinking] he’s not putting on a voice, he puts on the suit and then the voice just starts happening for him as a person as well.”

Read full article

On Bruce Wayne’s backstory (via Collider):

“We discussed it a lot. And it’s funny because you try and everyone wanted to avoid doing origin story, but then you invariably, it’s a new version of the character, and you’re so aware of the origins, but you end up trying to sort of play it in the subtext, in little moments. Because the story is set over such a short period, as well, it’s actually really difficult to kind of shove in as much as you can. The kind of emotional weight that just kind of lies in your body language and on your face, and hopefully it kind of comes across. Also, it’s kind of different to the traditional origin story as well. I mean, he doesn’t go away and train and come back as a fully mastered Batman at all. He’s not the traditional playboy persona as well.”

In other versions of the Batman story, Pattinson said, the residue of the trauma of losing his parents is “still there” for Bruce, “but he’s basically kind of mastered it and turned it into Batman”. It’s different in their interpretation, however. Pattinson said: “Whereas, what I was interested in talking to you (Reeves) about was like, it’s very… When he’s Bruce, it’s still the day his parents died. I mean, he hasn’t gone over it at all, and he’s become Batman, almost in order to survive his present rather than think, oh, I’m going to make a new future. It’s to protect himself as much as anything else. And as soon as he takes it off, then he just goes back to being a 10-year-old boy again, and the pain is still very much real.”

Read full article

On  Robin being added to the roaster in a – not confirmed – sequel to “The Batman” (via Collider):

“Yeah, but he has to be 13,” the star said in response to the idea of Robin joining the fray. “That’s the only way I’ll accept it. No, I love Death in the Family and stuff, but I think it’d be so cool. Also people are so scared of it, but it’s kind of exciting. I think it would be a really fun addition.”

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On the trouble of emoting in Batman’s cowl (via Collider):

“But it was one of these things, I have to say, it’s a true testament to Rob as a performer. And he’s so technical as well as incredibly emotional. I would watch Rob get himself into that state where he would be getting really raw before he would shoot. Then I would be saying like, ‘I think I need to see a little bit more through the cowl.’ I would just be doing that. But that was, it was definitely by design, and it was a huge challenge. And thank God I had Rob to work with.”

They spoke further about a specific moment on set, with Pattinson frustrated by just how much theatrical work he had to do to emote through the mask. “I’d say, one of the things I do when I’m working with actors is, say, ‘Well, come take a look,'” remembers Reeves. “You’d go, ‘Oh, you can’t see my eyes.'” Pattinson continues:

“That was maybe the worst day of the whole shoot, because I really, genuinely thought it was you that was wrong. And then I was like, ‘How can we be doing 40 takes?’ And then you’re like, ‘Just come and look at it.’ And I was looking at it, going like, ‘Wow,’ like I’m, ‘There’s nothing. There’s nothing happening.'”

Read full article

Robert Pattinson on His Love of ‘Death in the Family’ and Why He’d Like to Use the Story In a Sequel
Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves on Batman’s Origin Story
Report From “The Batman” Screening With Q&A Of Stars And Filmmakers
“The Batman” TV Spot
“The Batman”: Funeral scene
“The Batman”: The Bat and The Cat Trailer
“The Batman” Behind-The-Scenes
“The Batman” Official Trailer
DC Fandome 2021: “The Batman” Panel
“The Batman” DC Fandome Teaser
“The Batman”: Robert Pattinson Reveals the Villains He Wants to Fight in a Sequel

As written in the previous post, we have divided the coverage from the 5th issue of Den of Geek into two posts. This post is dedicated to the article released by the publication, centered on the villains Robert would like to see his Batman taking on. You can read the article below or in our press archive, as well as find scans from the issue in our gallery.

In March, Warner Bros. and director Matt Reeves are bringing a whole new vision of Gotham City and the Batman mythos to the big screen, with Robert Pattinson starring as a more hyper-violent version of the vigilante.

In fact, we’ve already watched Pattinson dole out beating after savage beating in the trailers leading up to the movie’s release, but when we spoke to him for our The Batman cover story in the new issue of Den of Geek magazine, the actor was excited, even jovial, about where his Dark Knight might go next. Inevitably, the subject of a potential sequel comes up. While WB has yet to officially announce “The Batman 2,” Pattinson already knows which villains he wants to fight in the next movie.

“I’d love to do something like Court of Owls,” says Pattinson, referring to the 2011 DC Comics horror story about a hidden society that’s secretly ruled Gotham from an underground lair for centuries.

The storyline by the dynamic duo of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo kicked off a new era of Batman tales that took the character to darker corners of Gotham City than he’d ever been before. The Court of Owls, a cult-like faction of criminals who wear owl masks and employ undead assassins to do their bidding, would certainly fit into the more Gothic feel of Reeves’ new Batman universe, according to Pattinson: “There are elements of The Batman which are kind of horror and I think it really feels quite new for Batman.”

The other villain on Pattinson’s wishlist? Calendar Man, the creepy, date-obsessed baddie who commits crimes based on holidays. He also plays the role of a Hannibal Lecter-like genius taunting the Dark Knight as he tries to find the serial killer terrorizing Gotham in The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, one of the major influences for The Batman.

But before Pattinson can truly turn his attention to owls or calendars, he first needs to deal with Paul Dano’s Riddler.
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Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves Confirm Exclusive New Details About “The Batman”

“The Batman” is on the cover of the 5th issue of Den of Geek, in which not only do we learn new details from the upcoming DC movie but also about which villains Robert would like to see his Batman taking on next. This is the first part of two posts, this one being more centered on new details on the movie, posted by the publication. You can read the article below or in our press archive, as well as find scans from the issue in our gallery.


You know the scene: the Batman stands before a gang of skull-faced goons who think this weirdo in a costume is a joke. “Who the hell are you supposed to be?” asks their leader, who’s about to find out, one punch at a time, that Robert Pattinson’s unhinged, hyper-violent Dark Knight is no laughing matter.

“How it was initially staged was the guy says, ‘Who are you?’ And Batman says, ‘I’m vengeance,’ and then beats everybody up,” reveals a much friendlier Pattinson, who cracks up while explaining how he helped tweak the scene to make it even more horrifying. “I said to Rob [Alonzo, second unit director and supervising stunt coordinator], ‘I really want to say it into the guy’s face when he’s basically dead.’”

Savage beatings are one way this Batman wants to “spread around [his] mythology,” Pattinson tells Den of Geek by phone on a cold, gloomy day in January. “It’s not theatrical,” he says of the Dark Knight’s approach in the “vengeance” scene. “You just want someone to be terrified after it.”

Before Pattinson signed on to play the World’s Greatest Detective, Ben Affleck was set to direct and star in a very different Batman solo movie. But those plans didn’t pan out. Cloverfield and Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves was tapped to helm a new version of the project, but he faced the same conundrum as his predecessor: after so many iterations of the character on the big screen, what could Reeves do to make his take fresh?

Reeves, a lifelong Batman fan, found the answer in comics chronicling the character’s early days, including Year One, as well as in classic noir films, such as ChinatownTaxi Driver, and The French Connection. The director envisioned The Batman as a noir detective story set outside of DCEU continuity, and it wouldn’t star Affleck’s seasoned, graying Dark Knight but a vigilante entering the second year of his crime-fighting career, someone who was past his origin story but still in the process of figuring things out.
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“The Batman”: Robert Pattinson Reveals the Villains He Wants to Fight in a Sequel
Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves Confirm Exclusive New Details About “The Batman”
(Video) DC’s “The World Needs Heroes” Spot

DC Comics has released a spot promoting the upcoming films to hit theaters this year! Including scenes from The Batman, The Flash, Black Adam and, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, this year promises to be filled with Heroes. You can watch the spot below, or in our video archive.

DC’s “The World Needs Heroes” Spot
(Video) The Cast of “The Batman” on Matt Reeves’s Vision for the Caped Crusader

The Cast of “The Batman” recently sat down with Fandango to share about which past Batman they love the most, why they were drawn to Matt Reeves’s new take on the DC classic, and how each other actors’ performance choices informed their own.

The Cast of “The Batman” on Matt Reeves’s Vision for the Caped Crusader
The Pattinson Vault Grand Opening

Welcome to The Pattinson Vault, your new online source dedicated to the British actor Robert Pattinson! You might recognize Robert from “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, the “Twilight” saga, “Remember Me”, “The Lighthouse”, “Tenet” and the upcoming DC live-action movie “The Batman”, where he is set to portray Bruce Wayne/Batman. I’d like to thank my friends Elise and Sara for all their help and support during this past year, and Megan for the beautiful header. There is yet still a lot of content to come that I’m working on, however, as a huge Batman and comic books fan, I wanted to open the site in time to cover the press tour of the movie!

In the meantime, you can browse the gallery (with over +20,000 photos), and keep an eye out for the video archive and press section, which will be updated regularly. Make sure to follow on Twitter at @pattinsonvault to stay up to date with all the latest news, photos, and videos of Robert. We hope you enjoy your stay and come back soon!


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Welcome to The Pattinson Vault’s Press Archive. In this section of our website, you will find all articles and interviews related to Robert. If you notice any error, feel free to contact us. This page is still in construction, keep checking for more articles!

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February 18
Entertainment Weekly
"The Batman" Robert Pattinson reveals the unusual comics that inspired his Dark Knight
February 18
Why Robert Pattinson Felt Nauseous After Landing Batman Role
February 16
Entertainment Weekly
"The Batman" stars Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz recall their sweaty first day on set
February 16
Entertainment Weekly
Knight Moves: Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz take flight in "The Batman"
February 15
"The Batman": Robert Pattinson & Matt Reeves Reveal the Trouble of Emoting In Batman's Cowl
February 15
Robert Pattinson on His Love of ‘Death in the Family’ and Why He’d Like to Use the Story In a Sequel
February 15
Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves on Batman's Origin Story
February 15
Report From ‘The Batman’ Screening With Q&A Of Stars And Filmmakers
February 14
Den of Geek
"The Batman": Robert Pattinson Reveals the Villains He Wants to Fight in a Sequel
February 14
Den of Geek
Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves Confirm Exclusive New Details About "The Batman"
February 8
The Metamorphosis of Robert Pattinson
January 19
The Hollywood Reporter
Bong Joon Ho, Robert Pattinson Teaming for Warner Bros. Sci-Fi Movie
The Metamorphosis of Robert Pattinson
Bong Joon Ho, Robert Pattinson Teaming for Warner Bros. Sci-Fi Movie
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GQ: Robert Pattinson Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters

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    (Photos) The Metamorphosis of Robert Pattinson

    The press tour for “The Batman” has started, with Robert gracing the March cover of GQ magazine! Showing us his chameleon side with various looks, our gallery’s been updated with not only the two covers but also outtakes from the photo session! Along with the photos, you’ll also be able to read the article posted by GQ, and watch a video in which he breaks down his most iconic characters below.


    He is exceptionally handsome. Wide, wild eyes. Large facial features arranged where a sculptor might have put them in 16th-century Italy. He is, unlike some actors, taller than people suppose. (“A lot of Batman fans are like, He’s tiny, he’s tiny! I’m not fucking tiny!” he says. “I’m, like, a large person. About half the time, I’m trying to get skinnier.”) He has that ability to look convincingly different, by meaningful degrees, in many different things. It’s not just hair and weight. It’s the way he can lower or raise an internal dimmer switch to dial the eyes and mouth along a spectrum from, like, American scuzzbucket to French aristocrat. It permits him to work effectively as both a leading bat and a 12-minute scene-stealer. “He’s a chameleon,” Matt Reeves, director of The Batman, says. “Recently, Rob was telling me that he never plays a character with exactly his voice. The voice is one of his ways in.”

    In London today, his natural accent is crisp and his words are prudent. But his laughter is freewheeling and he can’t help but start things off by saying precisely what he feels: “I’m so fucking jet-lagged!” He is underdressed: “It’s cold! Fuck!” And he is feeling his age (35): “I can’t do anything anymore!” The effect is something like: English art dealer after a weeklong fair in Hong Kong. He looks like he was maybe at his shiniest six days ago.

    We’re walking through Holland Park, at the base of Notting Hill. Not 18 hours earlier, the plan had been for us to visit the London Zoo, but he’d suddenly thought better of it. “I was talking to my girlfriend”—the model and actress Suki Waterhouse—“last night and she was, like, ‘You know, people don’t really like zoos.…’ I’d been thinking about a metaphorical thing. But then I was thinking that’s very wrong, a sad bear walking in circles.” He’d talked himself out of it.

    “I just can’t help it,” he says. “I’ll do it for every single element, every decision, in my life. What is the worst-case scenario for this decision?

    His career to this point has been shaped by a combination of talent, desire, luck, attendant fame, and bold choices. The fame came quickly, with Twilight, the teen-vampire saga that grossed billions of dollars and set Pattinson up for a particular kind of path. The choices—smaller movies with singular filmmakers—came as part of his masterfully planned, decade-long prison break out of that one particular career. “I’m constantly doing risk assessments, which drives everybody crazy, trying to predict every single element that could possibly happen. And then, at the end of it, just being like: Ah, fuck it! I’ll just play a lighthouse keeper who fucks a mermaid! I think this is the right move!
    Continue Reading

    Robert Pattinson
    Birth Name: Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson
    Birth Place: London, England
    Date of Birth: May 13, 1986
    Height: ‎6’1” (1.85 cm)
    Mother: Clare Charlton
    Father: Richard Pattinson
    Siblings: 2; Elizabeth (Lizzy) and Victoria
    Years Active: 2004–present
    001. Biography (below)
    002. Information Files
    003. Career Files
    004. IMDB Profile
    005. Videos
    006. Photos

    Robert Pattinson (born on 13 May 1986) is an English actor. He was born in London, the youngest of three children of Clare (Charlton), a booker at a model agency, and Richard Pattinson, a vintage car dealer. He grew up in a small home in Barnes with two older sisters, Elizabeth  and Victoria. Robert started learning the guitar and piano at the age of four. He attended Tower House School, from which, aged 12, he was expelled for shoplifting adult magazines at a post office shop and selling them later to his male classmates. He completed his schooling at The Harrodian School. As a teenager he worked as a photo model for British fashion brands and magazines to improve his pocket money and developed a love of cinema where he counted Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando and Jean-Paul Belmondo among his acting idols. In his late teens and early twenties, he performed acoustic guitar gigs at open mic nights in pubs around London where he sang his own written songs either solo under the stage name Bobby Dupea, or with his band Bad Girls.

    Robert considered becoming a musician or going to university to study speech-writing, but never thought about pursuing an acting career; his teacher in school even advised him not to join the drama club because she thought he was not suited for the creative arts. However, when he was 13, he joined the local amateur theatre club called Barnes Theatre Company after his father convinced him to attend because he was quite shy. At age 15 and after two years of working backstage, he auditioned for the play Guys and Dolls and he got his first role as a Cuban dancer with no lines. He got the lead role of George Gibbs in the next play Our Town, was spotted by a talent agent who was sitting in the audience and he began looking for professional roles. He also appeared in the plays MacbethAnything Goes, and Tess of the d’Urbervilles.

    Robert had supporting roles in the German made-for-television film Ring of the Nibelungs in 2004, and in director Mira Nair’s costume drama Vanity Fair, although his scenes in the latter were deleted and only appear on the DVD version. In May 2005, he was scheduled to appear in the UK premiere of The Woman Before at the Royal Court Theatre, but was fired shortly before the opening night and was replaced by Tom Riley. Later that year he played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. For this role he was named that year’s “British Star of Tomorrow” by The Times and had more than once been hailed as “the next Jude Law”. For this role, he learned how to scuba dive.

    In 2006, Robert appeared in The Haunted Airman a psychological thriller, aired on BBC Four on 31 October, and he earned favourable reviews. The Stage praised his performance by saying that “[he] played the airman of the title with a perfect combination of youthful terror and world weary cynicism.” On 19 February 2007, he appeared in a supporting role in a one-off television drama based on the best-selling novel by Kate Long, The Bad Mother’s Handbook.

    In 2008, he was cast as Edward Cullen in Twilight, based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer. The movie, released on 21 November 2008, turned Robert into a movie star overnight. Although the film received mixed reviews, critics praised his chemistry with co-star Kristen Stewart. The New York Times called Robert a “capable and exotically beautiful” actor and Roger Ebert said he was “well-chosen” for the role.

    His other release of 2008, How to Be, was a low-budget comedy drama film written and directed by Oliver Irving. It screened at number of film festivals, earned mixed reviews from critics. Robert then starred as Salvador Dalí in the film Little Ashes, a Spanish-British drama directed by Paul Morrison. He also starred in a short film The Summer House directed by Daisy Gili. This short film later re-released as a part of an anthology film titled Love & Distrust, comprising five short films following eight individuals from diverse backgrounds on their quest for true contentment.

    He reprised his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight sequel The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which was released on 20 November 2009. Though the film received negative reviews, film critic Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune said that Pattinson was still “interesting to watch” despite the bad makeup. Bill GoodyKoontz from the Arizona Republic said that “Pattinson’s actually not in the film that much, but he does his best when he’s around” and Michael O’Sullivan of the Washington Post noted that his acting was “uniformly strong”. It brought Pattinson global stardom, and established him among the highest-paid actors in the world.

    His next film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was released on 30 June 2010, earning $698,491,347 worldwide. The film received mixed reviews, Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter praised Pattinson’s performance, stating that “(he) makes you forget the white makeup and weird eye contact lenses – to focus on a character torn between his love for the human Bella (Stewart) and the knowledge that she’ll have to let go of her beating heart if she’s to stay with him forever.” Will Lawrence of Empire Online praised the performance of three leads of the film by saying that “All three corners of the love triangle look sharper than before: the most accomplished actor, Stewart, still lip-biting, Lautner still pec-flexing, and Pattinson not fully shaking that fiery-eyed pout. But all have grown into their roles, cutting loose in a film that (thankfully) sidesteps the melodrama of its prequels.”

    Robert executive-produced and starred in the film Remember Me, which was released on 12 March 2010. Though the film received mixed reviews, some critics praised his performance. Jake Coyle of The Associated Press said that “The young actor has an unmistakable screen presence. However in Remember Me, he pours it on thickly and self-consciously. With low eyes, sleeves rolled up just so and cigarette drooping artfully from his mouth, Tyler (like Edward Cullen) is a reluctant romantic.” Ian Nathan of Empire Online stated that “this is the best thing he’s done.” and Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter praised his chemistry with co-star Emilie de Ravin in the film, stating that the “scenes between Pattinson and de Ravin exude genuine charm.”

    In 2011, he starred as Jacob Jankowski in Water for Elephants, adapted from the novel by Sara Gruen. The film received mixed reviews, but Pattinson’s performance was praised. Film critic Richard Corliss from Time praised Pattinson for being “shy and watchful” and said that he “radiates a slow magnetism that locks the viewer’s eyes on him”, ultimately calling him “star quality”. Robert reprised the role of Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, which was released on 18 November 2011 and received mixed to negative reviews from critics. Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes reports that 24% of critics (of the 188 counted reviews) gave the film a positive review, and the site’s consensus reads, “Slow, joyless, and loaded with unintentionally humorous moments, Breaking Dawn Part 1 may satisfy the Twilight faithful, but it’s strictly for fans of the franchise.” He also played Georges Duroy in a film adaptation of the 1885 novel Bel Ami, and the film had a world premiere at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival. It was released on 12 February 2012.

    He starred in the film adaptation of Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis, directed by David Cronenberg. The film competed for the Palme d’Or at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. It was well received, with Pattinson’s performance particularly praised. Justin Chang of Variety wrote, “An eerily precise match of filmmaker and material, Cosmopolis probes the soullessness of the 1% with the cinematic equivalent of latex gloves. … Pattinson’s excellent performance reps an indispensable asset.” 

    Robert starred one last time as Edward Cullen in the final instalment of the Twilight saga, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 which was released on 16 November 2012. At Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a 48% approval rating, based on 174 reviews with the consensus stating: “It is the most enjoyable chapter in The Twilight Saga, but that’s not enough to make Breaking Dawn Part 2 worth watching for filmgoers who don’t already count themselves among the franchise converts.”

    In May 2014, two of Robert’s films premiered at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival: The Rover, alongside Guy Pearce and Scoot McNairy; and Maps to the Stars, a satirical drama described as a darkly comic look at Hollywood excess.

    He next appeared in Werner Herzog’s adaptation of Gertrude Bell’s biopic film Queen of the Desert alongside Nicole Kidman and James Franco, where he plays T. E. Lawrence aka Lawrence Of Arabia. He also he starred in Anton Corbijn’s Life as Life Magazine photographer Dennis Stock; a movie that film deals with the friendship between actor James Dean and Stock.

    In late 2015, Robert appeared in Brady Corbet’s directorial debut film The Childhood of a Leader, alongside Bérénice Bejo and Stacy Martin. In the film, he played the dual roles, first a brief but crucial role of Charles Marker, a reporter in Germany during World War I and later as an adult version of the leader. 

    He appeared in The Lost City of Z in 2016, as British explorar Corporal Henry Costin. Robert next starred in the Safdie Brothers’ neo-grindhouse thriller Good Time, as a bank robber, Connie Nikas, which he has described as a “really hardcore kind of Queens, New York, mentally damaged psychopath, bank robbery movie.” The film premiered in competition at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and proved to be a turning point in his career. 

    In August 2017, while promoting Good Time, Robert wrote and starred in a short film for GQ, titled Fear & Shame, which was described by the magazine as, “Robert Pattinson Battles Fame and Fear to Get a New York Street Dog”. Shot on the streets of New York, the film narrates Pattinson’s journey to buy a hot dog while avoiding media and fans in the hustle of the city.

    Zellner Brothers’ western-comedy Damsel was his first comedy since his 2008 film How to Be. Pattinson portrayed Samuel Alabaster, an eccentric pioneer who travels west in search of his fiancée. 

    His last film of 2018 was Claire Denis’ science-fiction drama film High Life, set in space, about team of criminals traveling towards a black hole. Denis initially had Philip Seymour Hoffman in mind for the role of the protagonist, but after becoming aware of Pattinson’s commitment and desire to work with her, she cast him in the role instead. He starred as Monte, one of the criminals on the spaceship, who became a father against his wishes through artificial insemination, and raised his daughter as the ship progressed to the black hole. Critics praised the film with Allen Hunter of Screen International noting Pattinson as the most “dominant” and “engaging” element in the film and Jason Bailey of The Playlist called it “another scorching Pattinson performance; he plays the character’s menace and rebellion with brio”.

    His first 2019 role was Robert Eggers’s black-and-white psychological horror film The Lighthouse, set on a remote New England island in the 1890s. Followed by David Michôd’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play titled The King, where he played Louis, The Dauphin, who served as the nemesis of Henry V. For the role, Pattinson adopted a French accent, which he based on the fashion industry people of France.

    He next appeared in Ciro Guerra’s Waiting for the Barbarians, based on a 1980 novel by J.M. Coetzee; and in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, as a spy handler. He would wrap up the year in the psychological thriller The Devil All the Time, based on the novel by Donald Ray Pollock.

    In May 2021, Robert signed an overall first-look production deal that encompasses the whole spectrum of Warner divisions, including Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Television, and HBO Max. The deal, which represents the actor’s first foray into producing, also takes into account a range of releasing platforms, among them theatrical, SVOD and television.

    He will next star in Matt Reeves’s superhero film The Batman as Bruce Wayne / Batman. He is also in talks to star in Bong Joon-ho’s upcoming untitled film based on Edward Ashton’s science-fiction novel Mickey7 for Warner Bros. Pictures

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