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“The Batman” Beijing Premiere

The cast of “The Batman” (minus Zoë Kravitz and Jeffrey Wright) attended a virtual interview during the Beijing premiere of the movie this Wednesday, March 16. Our gallery’s been updated with a few photos from the virtual interview, which you can also watch below!


(Photos) Can Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves’ rebooted “The Batman” save the box office?

Robert Pattinson and “The Batman” director Matt Reeves spoke recently with Los Angeles Times about the casting backlash, the new take on an old character, and creating a Gotham for our times. YYou can find the photoshoot in our gallery, and read the full article below!


When director Matt Reeves announced he had tapped Robert Pattinson to play Batman in his much-anticipated franchise reboot in 2019, fans from every corner of the internet immediately began sharpening their knives.

Never mind that Pattinson had spent years taking a sledgehammer to his tween-heartthrob image in a series of unglamorous arthouse roles, from a small-time bank robber in the grungy “Good Time” to a lonely 19th century lighthouse keeper in the hallucinatory “The Lighthouse.” For many, the idea of the onetime “Twilight” vampire tackling one of the superhero canon’s most iconic characters in “The Batman,” which opens Friday, seemed like a potential bat-astrophe in the making.

Pattinson took the initial backlash in stride. “I was actually mocked less than I usually am,” the actor, seated alongside Reeves, said over Zoom on a recent afternoon. He laughed. “I was quite shocked. ‘Only 70% negative? A-plus!’ ”

Nor was Reeves, who had stepped into the project after its initial star and director Ben Affleck dropped out, particularly concerned. “When you go into a Batman movie, you just have to kind of harden yourself in the beginning,” said Reeves, who had earned the job largely on the strength of his two critically and commercially successful installments in the “Planet of the Apes” series. “It’s an 80-year-old character. Every time you step into it, you’re stepping into something where everybody already has a preconception.”

Pattinson’s casting is far from the only aspect of “The Batman” likely to shake up preconceived notions. Clocking in at three hours, with a dense narrative and a style that veers from gritty noir to angsty psychodrama to serial-killer horror, Reeves’ movie returns Batman to his roots as “the world’s greatest detective.” Dispensing with the overly familiar origin story, the film tracks Batman’s pursuit, aided by Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), of the elusive Riddler (Paul Dano), who is sprinkling clues about a sprawling conspiracy of corruption — along with dead bodies — throughout the troubled city of Gotham.
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(Video) “The Batman” Fan Theories with Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano & Jeffrey Wright

Rob Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano and Jeffrey Wright take turns reading, confirming and denying “The Batman” fan theories from Reddit. Is the film set in a multiverse where Rob is playing Thomas Wayne, not Bruce Wayne? Are the Riddler and Bruce Wayne related? How often does Rob lurk on fan theory forums on Reddit? Are Selina’s “nine lives” a direct reference to her various disguises?

(Video) Robert visits Despierta América

Robert stopped by Despierta América’s studio this morning to, once again, talk about “The Batman”! Just like our previous post on El Hormiguero, this interview is dubbed in Spanish. A huge thank you to Korita05x for uploading the interview!

(Video) Robert on The Project

Robert was last night on Australian talk show The Project to talk about his upcoming film “The Batman”, and why he was born to play Gotham’s hero. You can watch the interview below.

(Video) Masterpost: “The Batman” Press Interviews

We’ve decided on creating this post dedicated to all video interviews Robert is giving while promoting The Batman, to be released in theaters on March 4. All the released videos can be found below and under the cut (plus in our video archive). Be sure to follow @pattinsonvault, as we’ll keep you updated on new videos!

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“The Batman” Robert Pattinson reveals the unusual comics that inspired his Dark Knight

During his conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Robert opened up about the comics he read in order to understand better Bruce Wayne. You can read the article below (and while we are unable to embed the interview, you can also watch the video on the publication’s website).

To craft a new Batman, Robert Pattinson consumed as many comics as possible and found inspiration in some unlikely places.

Typically when there’s a new Batman movie, those involved cite usual suspects like Batman: Year One and Batman: The Long Halloween as inspiration. And sure, some of those comics influenced Matt Reeve’s The Batman, which reboots the franchise without rehashing the titular hero’s origin story. But Pattinson also consulted less obvious fare to find his way into the character, who’s in just his second year as a vigilante in the film. Since The Batman doesn’t depict Bruce suiting up for the first time, Pattinson’s research helped him understand the billionaire’s motivations for donning the cape and cowl.

“In the Christopher Nolan movies, it was kind of addressed in a pragmatic way and kind of explained pretty well,” says Pattinson in the video above. “I was trying to find a different angle on it.”

That’s where Batman: Shaman (by Dennis O’Neil, John Beatty, and Edward Hannigan) and, to a lesser extent, the story “The Man Who Fell” (O’Neil and Dick Giordano) came in. Like The Batman, the former is set during an early part of the Caped Crusader’s career, but it’s less grounded than the movie and dives into mysticism. In the story, released in 1989, a shaman rescues a pre-Batman Bruce after he’s injured in the Alaskan mountains and nurses him back to health with a story about how bats gained the ability to fly. This myth, along with the sight of a bat crashing through a Wayne Manor window, inspires him to become Batman years later.

“It’s almost a dream state the whole time,” Pattinson says of the comic, which struck him as both odd and interesting. “I was like, ‘Oh, that hasn’t really been touched on.’ There’s a kind of mysticism to it.”
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Why Robert Pattinson Felt Nauseous After Landing Batman Role

A new article was recently released by ExtraTV, in which Robert spoke about his feelings after landing the lead role in “The Batman”, which you can read below!

“The Batman” stars Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz are opening up to “Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay about their roles in the highly anticipated DC movie.

Robert plays the caped crusader, while Zoë is the latest actress to portray Catwoman. The stars talk about landing the roles, who they told first, and where we find their characters. Pattinson even teases a big difference between his version of Bruce Wayne and those fans have seen in the past.

Rachel asked, “I am wondering, these are such iconic roles, was there any hesitation or any moment where you reflected and you thought, ‘Can I do this?’”

Zoë said, “Definitely, definitely. I never hesitated in terms of, you know, whether I was going to take the job or not. But there is definitely like this range of emotion, it starts with really excited, and then you realize that you now have to do it, and then everyone’s going to see it. And that gets really, really scary.”

Robert added, “It’s the one time in my life… we’re really glad that the work schedule was so relentless… It was 155 days or something. We work kind of 14 hours, and we work out either end of the day. And like, I mean, by the time you go, there’s no looking at comments.”

Sharing who they first told they had landed the roles. Zoë revealed, “Call my parents.”

Rob shared,, “I genuinely didn’t tell anyone because also it got leaked, before I actually got cast, and I genuinely wasn’t cast. And my entire world texted me like, ‘Are you playing Batman?’… I went to do another movie [and] in every single interview it was, ‘Are you playing Batman?’… I genuinely thought if I say anything…. I was going to lose the job… I didn’t text a single person back… I felt, like, nauseous.”
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(Video) Little Caesars’ “The Batman” Sneek Peek

Little Caesars’ Pizza has released an exclusive sneak peek for “The Batman”, featuring some new footage from the film along with commentaries from the cast. You can watch the video below and in our video archive!

(Video) Robert Pattinson Breaks Down the New Batsuit used in “The Batman”

Following up on the Entertainment Weekly cover shoot post, a new video has been released of Robert speaking about the batsuit he wore for “The Batman”! You can watch the video below and in our video archive!

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